why a travel blog?

That’s a question I get asked often, and the answer is simple: I have a love for travel that I want to share with others. As a student, I have little resources to travel extensively, but that hasn’t stopped me from exploring the world around me.

It all started with a travel video that popped up on my Instagram feed. It showcased the beauty of different destinations, cultures, and people, and I was hooked. Since then, I’ve been using my phone and computer to discover new places and cultures virtually. As I explored more, I began to think about how I could share my passion for travel with others.

That’s when I decided to create this website. It allows me to document my virtual travels, research new destinations, and create in-depth articles about the places I’ve discovered. I hope my articles and photos inspire others to start planning their own adventures, whether it’s a weekend road trip or a month-long backpacking journey.

One day, I hope to turn my virtual travels into real ones. Until then, I’ll keep sharing my love for travel and inspire others to start exploring the world around them.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.